From our humble beginnings as a small store front coffeehouse and cafe on Winthrop's Main Street we have grown into a custom catering and bartending solutions provider serving all of Central Maine and beyond. As the catering and bar services demand increased we closed our storefront location to allow us to focus exclusively on providing custom catering and bar service solutions to our clients.

Our business grew and expanded across all of central Maine we updated our name to better reflect our focus as a full time, full service custom catering and mixology services provider.

Why choose the name Lilac? It's all about family. When we first got married Clark's father gifted a small graft from an old lilac tree in their backyard to Kim's father who planted it in his backyard. One tree, two homes - just like the new marriage between their respective children. Move forward through the years and we have always had lilac trees in our yard wherever we have lived, either planted new or assumed and nursed to better health. Lilac's are a part of our family and as a family owned and operated business, what better symbol to show our commitment to making your special event and dream days come true. Lilac Mixology & Catering provides a wide range of services ranging from an intimate dinner for two to a reception or dinner for two hundred. Whatever your event, we can help.

Our tasting room is located on on 104 Front Street in Augusta. We are open by appointment and our Augusta location provides space for client meetings, tastings, and small group meetings

Our Team


Kim Phinney
Owner & Head Creative

Clark Phinney
Director of Beverage Services

Alexander Phinney
Executive Chef

Samantha Phinney
Style & Etiquette Coordinator

Zackery Phinney

Logan Lattin